Sharing meals together is part of our culture at Chef’n. Much like creating a great meal, designing a great product can be hard work, and for us, it is a highly collaborative process.

Tasteful Ingenuity

In the Chef'n kitchen, gadgets don't require a battery or demand much counter space to make an impact. We often find, the smaller the tool, the bigger the punch. Simple, elegant, super functional. We call that Tasteful Ingenuity.


Lets Begin

To begin making something with a purpose or a specific function, basic mechanical movements and parts from the local hardware store come together and prototypes start to take form. This is the first of many.

Try and Repeat

How to simplify the movements? How to make the mechanics cleaner? And with less parts? Finding the real problems and opportunities comes from breaking the prototype and making another. And another. Time in the kitchen testing and in the shop building is the only way to make something better.

Rare Form

The prototype is proving the concept; cherries are being pitted even if half of them go flying or a spring breaks. Now it’s time to think about form, which means breaking out the balsa foam and shaping rasps. Sanding, shaping and seeing how handles and gears feel is critical to the final product.

Take Shape

The final shape and size emerges through work with foam and finishing touches like stainless steel pieces. The inner workings are finding their place within the model, and the two start to work in concert.

Make or Break

Figuring out manufacturing on a mass scale is what Stage 5 is all about. Even though the color is usually crazy, it’s time to really start testing when the first prototypes of a product arrive from the factories to the Lab. Engineers go grocery shopping and everyone gathers in the kitchen to sound off. Comments and questions continue to fly.


The function is almost dialed, the form just needs some color applied. The product is really starting to look like itself and it’s time to name our creation. Our cherry pitter became “The Quickpit.”

Final Finishes

Final finishes are applied and tiny tweaks are made right at the end of a product’s lifecycle. Everything is perfected by teams of talented people working together to make better kitchen tools, so you can make better food.

Design Team


Designed in Seattle

All of our products are designed in-house in our top-secret lab, by a creative bunch of Industrial Designers. Without them, we would have a few very questionable products to call our own. The team is also packed with a talented bunch of right- and left-brained people to get the job done right here in Seattle.

designer josh stewart


Has he been here 1 year? 10? It feels like forever, but in a good way.

Meet our Senior Design Manager, Josh! He loves fancy bourbon, a good Choco-Taco and anything made with his favorite Chef'n tool, the FreshForce™ juicer.

When he's not busy coming up with brilliant, top-secret ideas for our next kitchen invention, he's sewing. Isn't that adorable?