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Pickle like a Pro!

A quick guide to pickling your produce
Pickle like a Pro!

We’re all about quick pickles because there’s no canning required, are ready to eat in 24 hours, and their brine can be reused! 


Preserve ‘em at their peak!

Pickling isn’t just for cucumbers.  If you can pick ‘em, you can pickle ‘em. Experiment with corn, watermelon rinds, cherries, lemons, green tomatoes, asparagus, green beans, bell peppers, fennel, cauliflower, scallions, and even blueberries! 


How to fresh-prep pickles

  1. Blanch green vegetables first to preserve their bright color

  2. Use the Sleekslice Mandoline Lid to thinly slice cucumbers, carrots, beets, radishes, squash, cabbage, red onion, peaches, and apples

  3. Use the Quickstick Wedge and Spear Slicer Lid to spear cucumbers, carrots, parsnips, and zucchini

  4. Blanch broccoli, asparagus, and green beans first to preserve their bright green color


Choose a vinegar:

white vinegar

apple cider

white wine

 rice vinegar 


Mix vinegars with your choice of spices for your pickling pleasure. Here are some of our favorite spice blends:

  1. Smashed garlic + fresh dill + red pepper flakes

  2. Coriander + fresh ginger + turmeric

  3. Coriander  + fennel seeds + mustard seeds + garlic cloves + fresh dill 

  4. Coriander seeds + garlic slices + mustard seeds +black peppercorns 

  5. Mustard seeds +red pepper flakes + cinnamon

  6. Rosemary + sage + red onion slices 

  7. Rosemary + smashed garlic + lemon rind 

  8. Jalapeño + cilantro


Brine basics:

  1. 1 cup water

  2. 1 cup vinegar

  3. 1 teaspoon pickling or kosher salt

  4. 3-4 tablespoons of sugar (optional) 

*Sugar isn’t necessary, but it balances the flavors! 


Simmer water, vinegar, salt, and sugar in a pot until sugar is dissolved. Let cool and prep your veggies in glass jars with seasoning of choice. Pour brine into the jars, top with lids, cool, and then let pickles sit in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours (or let the flavors develop for several days).  


Storing your pickles

They will keep up to a month in the refrigerator! If you’re not going to eat them right away, spread your pickles out into several smaller jars to open up one at a time. Your batch will keep fresher, longer.

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