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Give (fresh) Peas a Chance!

Find out the best ways to shop, store, and savor fresh peas.
Give (fresh) Peas a Chance!

Did you know that the oldest pea ever found was nearly 3,000 years old? Today, your local farmer's market or grocery store will likely have slightly younger—and fresher!—peas for purchasing. Read on for tips and tricks about your favorite pods. 



When shopping for fresh peas, look for bright, green, crisp, and firm pods. And remember, bigger isn't always better! If you're able, try to sneak a taste of the peas that look best to you—if they're tender and sweet, you're on the right track. 



You can refrigerate fresh peas for up to four days—if they last that long with all the snacking that's bound to happen! You can also freeze your peas, but do so as soon as possible after bringing them home from the store; peas continue to age once picked, so the fresher they are when placed into the freezer, the better.



There are countless ways to savor fresh peas: 

  • Prep Ideas

    • Pull the stem backwards to open up the pod; inside, you’ll find a bounty of fresh peas, ready to eat!
    • You can also try using our Tipster Vegetable Tipper to trim any straggly ends off your peas.
  • Try This

    • Add peas to your favorite salad for a mild crunch. 
    • Dip peas, pods and all, into hummus for a yummy snack. 
    • If you're growing them yourself, eat them fresh from the garden.
    • Have you ever tried pickling your peas? Give it a whirl, for a sharp, tangy bite! 
    • Warm up your peas with a little olive oil, butter, garlic, and lemon for a perfect side dish. 
    • Add peas to your favorite pesto recipe for an extra creamy sauce; what’s more, you’ll get additional health benefits, too—peas pack 8 grams of protein per cup! 
  • Save Your Scraps

    • If eating the pods doesn't appeal to you, you can still ensure zero-waste—simply combine the pods with some water, fresh herbs, onions, and carrots, and discover a broth bursting with flavor.  

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